How to get the best benefit from Interior Defense and Defense Badges?

Interior Defense is an essential attribute in NBA 2K23. It will increase your overall defense in the paint. It covers a wide range of areas, including your hands-up defense. How to improve a player’s defense? How much should you increase to get the most benefit? These issues will be discussed below.

Ways to Improve Your Player’s Defense
Players should focus on improving the data of the Interior Defense attribute and choose a suitable defensive badge. The larger the Interior Defense attribute, the better your defensive ability in the paint area, but there is a problem here. When the Interior Defense is raised to a critical point, the income will gradually level off; in addition to improving attributes, choosing the best defensive badge can enhance your defense. They are Anchor and Rebound Chaser. Recovering rebounds from a greater distance than normal, in addition to Clamps, Interceptors, and Brick walls, can also improve some defensive ability.

How to maximize the benefits of Interior Defense?

57 – 99 tests

The chart covers all types of challenges, and here you can see that around 85, the upward trend in the chart starts to slow down.

85 – 99 tests

It can be seen from this chart that there will be some small improvements between 85 and 92, but very little improvement between 92 and 99. It’s not technically worthless; you can still go up to 99. If you want to double-protect your paint defense, maximize the stats of Interior Defense as needed. However, if you want to save points and invest in other aspects of the game, Interior Defense around 85 can also satisfy your defense to a certain extent. Require. Another option is to use real money to increase your 2K23 MT or VC amount. You can use virtual money to get Interior Defense to 99, which needs to be decided according to individual circumstances.

Anchor badge usage guide

Block0 or 70879399

Test Data

From the test data above, it can be seen that Gold has the largest increase, but the best defensive effect is HoF, which has reached a terrifying 50%, which makes it difficult to complete any offense near the paint.

Choose the right grade
If the player’s height is 6’8-6’9, it is recommended to use Gold. If below this height, please use Silver. If you are a big man, HoF Anchor can make you the backbone of the team’s defense. It should be noted that if you want to get Tier 3, you must not be shorter than 6’8.

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