The First Descendant – TIPS TO KILL THE DEVOURER

Welcome to the First Descendant progression guide. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key steps and strategies to advance in the game effectively, focusing on zone missions, boss fights, and optimizing your character and equipment.

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  1. Complete All Zone Missions: Start by finishing all the missions in the open world areas. This is essential for unlocking subsequent areas and progressing the storyline.
  2. Defeat Gatekeepers: After completing zone missions, you’ll face void intercept bosses or “Gatekeepers”. These powerful foes, like the Colossus, must be defeated to move on to the next area.
  3. Tackle the Devourer: One of the challenging bosses you’ll encounter is the Devourer. Unlike the Colossus, this boss requires more strategy than just high DPS (Damage Per Second).

Strategies for Defeating the Devourer

  • Elemental Weakness: The Devourer is weak against electricity. Equip weapons and mods that deal electric damage to maximize your damage output.
  • Weapon Modding: Use firearm attack bonus and electric enhancement modules. Ensure the module specifically adds electric damage equal to a percentage of your firearm’s attack damage, not just a flat bonus electric damage.
  • Piercing Guns: Weapons with the piercing icon are effective against the Devourer’s weak points, specifically the core and shoulder plates. Beam rifles are particularly useful here.
  • Workbench Adjustments: Utilize the workbench for weapon readjustment to enhance attack damage and electric element, though this should be done cautiously to avoid wasting resources early on.

Mod Recommendations

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  • Critical Hit and Weak Spot Mods: These mods are great for increasing damage. Critical hit modules work well with snipers and hand cannons, while fast-firing weapons should prioritize elemental and firearm damage modules.
  • Weaken Recovery Module: This mod decreases the Devourer’s health regeneration. Farm it in the Echo Swamp area or the Agna Desert Zone.

Recommended Descendants

  • Lepic: With his nerve infiltration skill, Lepic can turn his overclocked buff into a debuff, reducing the Devourer’s health regeneration.
  • Bunny: This character excels due to her electric damage abilities. Bunny’s fourth ability deals massive damage, and her third ability efficiently clears ads, providing health and ammo drops.

Battle Tips

  • Scanning and Weak Points: Use the ISA feature (pressing tab on PC) to scan the rage meter of the Devourer. This helps in anticipating the rage phase and timing your attacks on the shoulder plates.
  • Defensive Modules: Equip toxin defense modules and polygenic antibody modules for resistance against elemental damage.
  • High-Level Weapons: Always use the highest level weapons for boss fights. Avoid sticking with lower-level favorites, as the percentage increases from mods are based on the weapon’s base stats.

Additional Advice

  • Farm Efficiently: Focus on increasing your gun’s DPS early on. Farming for skill modules can be time-consuming with low drop rates.
  • Maximize Skills: Invest in skill duration, skill cost reduction, and increased health modules for sustained effectiveness in battle.
  • Team Composition: If possible, have multiple Bunny characters in your team to quickly clear the healing phase and mitigate the Devourer’s regeneration.

By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to take on the Devourer and other challenges in The First Descendant. Remember to optimize your character and equipment, work efficiently as a team, and adapt your strategy based on the boss’s behavior and weaknesses.