21 Techniques You Must Know Before Playing Final Fantasy XIV

Check this post about Final Fantasy XIV with 21 techniques to know before playing.


1. Changing the crystal can increase the reward of the quest. The more you exchange the crystal, the more rewarded.
2. Only the human monster will drop the money and the animal wear will drop the materials.
3. Aetherial in the world map will be both the starting place of levequests and teleportation points. After using the aetheryte, it sends the player to the nearest aetherite. Free 2 points are deducted from the aetheryte crystal back to the aetherial node. Widespread aetherial use can make transport more convenient, as well as record movement.
4. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need FFXIV gil, you can turn to FFXIV4GIL for help.
5. monster that attacked the player before Will attack the player only. We’re just ahead of it. If you want to avoid going backwards, however, there are some exceptions.
6. You can go fishing by boat between Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah, where you can get exclusive sea products, but sometimes you can fight either Skeleton or Gigantic.
7. If you hire a retianer to sell it to you. It will appear immediately in the market to sell you. Both while online and offline, the money will be on your retianer.
8. High level equipment is able to enter even our characters are not reachable, but the attribute values are not fully displayed.
9. Select the player and while running, press R to track the player. But the leader must be careful. It may be that the player who is attached to the stone or corner is very easy.
10. There are caves at the edge of the map that are preserved by many hamsters. There are many maps that are split into two. For example, the vast underground world is under vast forrest.
11. If the quest is received by your teammates, you can talk to the priest to activate that quest after you disconnect from the internet while on the team. You can join the team immediately. Then go to talk to. Click again to continue the quest.
12. There are many skills that can be used by many classes, so do not play only one class. Try to use skills from many classes to gain the most advantage.
13. To hire worktable to build, it can increase the success rate in manufacture.
14. The underwear will not be removable. The only exception is to replace it.
15. Players can buy or sell items as a set or a set. Be careful when the buyer agrees to buy a high price. Buyers may want a set of crystals.
16. Each player can have 8 LS and can receive messages from all 8 LS simultaneously.
17. The red circle between LS LOGO and player ID means that the player is in a fatigue state.
18. If there is a yellow glowing ball above the mean, the female tavern boss is calling you. Do not forget to reply in the menu because it will affect the progress of the quest.
19. The attribute point greatly influences the growth of your character. Every one point you add to your character will result in your character getting a different effect.
20. When our teammates teleport, all team members are teleported to the same map. Wherever it is.
21. The treasure box will appear randomly during the quest. If a team member is away from the box, the team member will not receive the prize from the box. Every time you open a box, make sure your teammates are together.