FFXIV Stormblood: There Will Have Important Features And System

Final Fantasy XIV the latest new expansion Stormblood have been posted, with one of those was the content for update 4.05. According to the last E3 2017 conference, the game company emphasized on that there will be a new looting system implemented when update 4.05 will be launched. At FFXIV4GIL, we have collected full news and guides for the Stormblood, with maps and screenshots to better help you out, read more at here.

Final Fantasy XIV

This new system will guarantee that at least one person in the party will get a weapon that will be appropriate for their jobs. There will other features as well aside from The Bend of Time – Omega like The Lost Canals of Uznair and Allagan Tomestones of Creation. Omega: Deltascape does not reward gear, but it does see players earn tokens to be traded for gear chosen by the players.

Gamers will also enjoy other new content as well. Square Enix will implement new content like the savage mode for players, which will immensely help them in the coming features of the expansion. The popular MMORPG also got some new contents with the latest update like a new mount to ride on, some new gear, and new minions for gamers lug around with some changes to the jobs to make it more interesting.

Stormblood’s last major improvement comes in PvP, an oft-maligned part of Final Fantasy XIV that finally gets its due. Square Enix has side-stepped the inherent balancing challenges of PvP classes that also exist in a PvE space by designing an entirely different set of job actions exclusive to PvP. For many FFXIV players, Stormblood’s liberation of Ala Mhigo marks the culmination of thousands of hours of gameplay. So many gamers have strive to buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil & FFXIV Power Leveling at FFXIV4GIL.