ESO: Morrowind – Most Vivid And Mysterious Places In Vvardenfell

The island of Vvardenfell is huge, and there are countless attractions on it, as well as waiting until they are found and studied. During the wanderings, do not forget that there is no reason to go on foot, when you can ride – on a silt strider or on the right mount. Mounts will help you to move between settlements, and do not forget to look around for the Wayshrine.

To help you travel, we provide some information about some of the most vivid and mysterious places.


  1. Seyda Neen
  2. Vivec City
  3. Balmora
  4. Zainsipilu
  5. Ald’ruhn
  6. Ald Carac
  7. Sadrith Mora
  8. Tel Fyr / Halls of Fabrication

Seyda Neen


The port town of Seyda Neen is the place of arrival of many brave men, eager to get to Vvardenfell. Let the buildings in the imperial style do not bother you, as the city is controlled by House Hlaalu. So if you want to trade with local Dark Elves of Morrowind, be prepared to pay the required fees. This city opens before you the door to the whole island. You can go east to Vivec City and Suran, or north to Balmoru, Ald’ruhn or Gnisis. Adventures are waiting! Just first, settle all the issues with the customs.

Vivec City


The capital of Vvardenfell, named after the demigod who lives here, is still under construction, but its multi-level cantons lying on the waves are already demonstrating the power and power of the living god. The city certainly has something to look at, starting with the Palace of Vivec, the Hall of Justice and the Library of Vivec, and ending with the meteor Baar Dau hanging in the air right above you. In Vivec City you will find a full range of craft shops, shops and daily commissions. On arrival, do not forget to visit Vivec himself, because he may need such a ready for all the hero, like you, well, and who can deny God?



In the north-west of Vivec lies Balmora, divided in two by the Odai River and belonging to the Redoran House. Here you can find Fighters and Mages Guilds, relax in the “Randy Netch Inn” or pay tribute to the local Tribunal Temple. While you are walking along wide bridges and high walls, look around for the secret Dark Elf Naryu. According to rumors, she was seen in the area. But be careful if you decide to do business with Morag Tong. If you are looking for adventure, it is better to take a couple of friends and go north to try to deal with the extremely dangerous nix-ox, Nilthog the Unbroken.



Do you want to come to the aid of the poor, suffering Khajiit, in trouble? Then you should go to Zainsipilu, to help Halinjirr return his records and poison his absolutely harmless crops. Try to avoid the nix-hounds and fetcherflies, which are teeming with tunnels. Believe me, when you reach the desired cave, the view presented before you will be worth the effort. And on the island there are six more delves like this, which you should also pay attention to.



To the north of Balmora, at the foot of the Red Mountain, surrounded by streams of lava, is an Ashlander camp called Ald’ruhn. Be sure to visit Scar, the giant shell of a dead imperial crab. But be careful and respect the traditions of the Skar. These nomads are extremely suspicious of outsiders like you. But if you can win their trust, then they may have a job for you. If you feel the call for adventure, why do not you go to the Daedric shrine Ramimilk just south of it? You can meet there a familiar face!

Ald Carac


If you climbed the rocky slopes of the Red Mountain, then why do not you test your valor in a fight with other adventurers on the Battlegrounds? Arena Ald Carac, located in old Dwarven ruins with narrow corridors and dangerous traps, will make you nervous. When you get the 10th level, talk to the Battlemaster Rivyn to learn about the principles of the battlefields and get daily quests. And do not forget to pack up a brand-new gear from Farthalem, the provider of Battlegrounds.

Sadrith Mora


On the eastern shore of Vvardenfell you will find the imposing mushroom towers of House Telvanni. On your long journey around the Red Mountain, relax in the “Gateway Inn” or buy a couple of magic trinkets in Tel Naga. Be sure to go through this island town, because the Telvanni sorcerers have a lot of secrets. You can meet one enamored Dark Elf and learn more about some Telvani traditions.

Tel Fyr / Halls of Fabrication


Ready for an adventure unlike any other? Gather eleven more outlanders and help Telvanni Sorceror Diyath Fyr to investigate and turn off the Halls of Fabrication. In the dangerous halls and corridors created by Sotha Sil, you are waiting for deadly threats, so you and your team will have to give all the best. Enter the Halls of Fabrication, stop the Fabricants and save Morrowind!

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