NCsoft reacts the inappropriate character profile pictures of Blade and Soul

We know, as soon as players can bring personal content in a game (image, logo, name …), there are sometimes abused. We have often seen inappropriate nickname, challenging guild names, guild logos beyond the limits of decency.A attractive name may help you farm blade and soul gold earlier.Here are the profile pictures of the character are concerned. NCsoft has decided to call a halt.

On Blade & Soul, we can circumvent the sending system of “photo” of the character to decorate the profile by introducing an image of their choice in the right folder of the game.

While some took the opportunity to place cute photos, pictures of their favorite manga or editing their own character, others were abusing the system to cause or shock.

?More and more players sounded the alarm about the choice of some, including pornographic images, animated images blinding, or images of various insults. NCsoft has decided to change the game system for profile pictures (probably force the game only made the catch).As it say:

To avoid sending inappropriate files in the system managing the profile of your character, we will make changes to the download function of the photo in the info window. We will reveal more details about the new system once it is in place.

If you see an inappropriate image in the profile of a player during your adventure in Blade & SoulThank you for your patience as we make these changes,

The Blade & Soul team

If the body of the message does not specify the title of the subject on the official forum is clear: it is the temporary deactivation of the system. Do not be surprised, this is not a bug.

Pending clarification, we hope that the same work is done concerning the names of certain characters or clans.For more information about gear, please go to