Diablo 4: How To Level Up Fast In Season 4

Diablo 4 Level Up

Diablo IV Season 4 Loot Reborn kicks off May 14. A new season signifies a clean slate, which also means you need to start level up again. So this guide will show you the art of speed leveling tips to get you to World Tier 4 fast. Without further delay, let’s delve into this.

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Make A Decent Levelling Build

Selecting an efficient leveling build is key in determining your speed during the leveling process. While experimenting with various builds and playstyles is always an option, if your goal is to level up quickly, here are some best recommendations: Barbarian(Dust Devil), Druid(Pulverize), Necromancer(Minion Army), Sorceress(Incinerate) and Rogue(Barrage). You can switch your build later in the game to something else, but if you want to level quickly these are going to be the leg up.

Skip The Campaign

Once you have completed the entire prologue on one character, your characters will be offered the choice to Skip Campaign either in Character Creation or on entering the game in the character selection screen, you can immediately dive into open-world activities that provide more XP. If you are a previous player, you no longer need to farm Renown, which you have already acquired in previous seasons, or the Eternal Realm. The Renown system monitors your exploration and completion of various tasks within each region, such as discovering waypoints, Altars of Lilith, Strongholds, side quests, and dungeons.

Pick A World Tier Difficulty

World Tiers are essentially just difficulty options that tweak how tough enemies are and determine what kinds of loot and rewards you can get while playing, but the bonus XP has been significantly increased for playing on World Tier 2 and above, now 50%. World Tier 3 – now 150%. World Tier 4 – now 250%. If you’ve already gotten renown from playing previous seasons, we’d say crank that up to World Tier 2 and enjoy the 50% bonus.

Helltide Will Level You Up Fast

The Helltides are now available from World Tier 1 for all players and are a veritable feast of monster density and activities that will help boost your leveling. As soon as you feel comfortable in these areas, go do them. They will be marked in RED on the map and are active for 55 minutes. In addition, you will get the new consumable drop, the Profane Mindcage, which will buff the Helltide monster level by 10 depending on what World Tier you are playing in. These are a guaranteed drop from the Hellborn, and you’re encouraged to use them.

Complete Quests For the Tree of Whispers

Complete Whispers for the Tree of Whispers for XP, crafting, and gear upgrade rewards. Look for zones where multiple objectives can be completed simultaneously within a short timeframe. For instance, find an area with a dungeon quest that coincides with a whisper task, such as defeating enemies or locating an item in the same zone. This method stands out as the most efficient way to level up and gear your character in the early game.

Always Have An Elixir Active

Once you are over the hurdle of hitting level 50, you’ll want to make sure you are getting the 5% buff to XP from your Elixirs. These are in your bag in the consumable tab and last 30 minutes a pop. You can use them prior to level 50 but you may run out and find it difficult to gather crafting materials, whereas they drop plentifully post-level 50 so there’s no excuse to not always have one equipped.

The ‘Dopamine Tunnels’ Are An XP Goldmine

For those seeking an exceptionally effective but admittedly monotonous leveling method, enter the “Dopamine Tunnels”. The key location for this strategy is the Domhainne Tunnels, situated just north of the Cerrigar waypoint. This dungeon boasts an extraordinary XP yield, making it a go-to choice for rapid leveling. It’s important to note that this method, while incredibly efficient in terms of leveling speed, lacks the variety of rewards found in other activities. Playing in the Dopamine Tunnels won’t grant you the same gold, gear, or overall satisfaction derived from actively playing the game.