COD MW3 Guide: How to Defeat Greylorm?

COD MW3 Guide: How to Defeat Greylorm?

In COD MW3, one of the most formidable foes you’ll encounter is the Easter Egg Boss, Greylorm. This guide will provide a comprehensive strategy to defeat this powerful adversary, focusing on gameplay tips, weapon recommendations, and a step-by-step mission walkthrough.

Greylorm Overview

Greylorm is an Easter Egg Boss introduced in Season 1 of COD MW3. It appears when you collect four Calibration data from Consoles that randomly appear on the map. Greylorm is a stronger variant of an Aether Worm enemy, and it can be challenging to defeat, even with a full squad.

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Preparing for the Battle

Before heading into the combat zone, preparing adequately is crucial. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Collect Essence: This will allow you to purchase Sentry Guns, which can be a formidable force against Greylorm.
  2. Upgrade Your Weapons: Ensure your weapons are upgraded to their maximum potential before the battle.
  3. Equip Self-Revives: Ensure everyone in your squad has at least one self-revive equipped, with a couple of extras as backup.
  4. Stockpile Sentries: Sentries are key in this battle. Have your inventory full of them.
  5. Weapon Recommendations: Consider using weapons like the ISO 45 SMG, the Tyr snake shot pap2 purple pistols, or the XRK sniper triple packed with a rare or better tool.
  6. MWZ Perk-A-Colas Schematics: Equip perks like PHD Flopper, Tombstone Soda, Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, and Jugger-Nog for added advantages.

Summoning Greylorm

COD MW3: Summoning Greylorm

To summon Greylorm, activate the Refractor inside the Aether Storm. The Refractor’s location is not marked on the map, but you can find it by searching for two Ammo Caches that are suspiciously close together. Once you’ve pinpointed the Refractor site location, you must be within an Aether Storm to transfer the Data from the USB Sticks and force Greylorm to appear.

Tips for Defeating Greylorm

Once Greylorm appears, the battle begins. Here are some strategies to help you defeat Greylorm:

  1. Aim for Weak Points: Greylorm has the same weaknesses and attacks as other Aether Worms, so shoot the glowing weak spots on its body to deal damage.
  2. Use Killstreaks: Maximize the benefits of killstreaks to gain a significant advantage.
  3. Avoid Attacks: Greylorm has several attack patterns, including a fiery Aether laser, lunge attacks, and burrowing into the ground. Evade these attacks to avoid debilitating effects and immense damage.
  4. Use Monkey Bombs: Monkey bombs can make a significant difference, especially if some squad members are down.
  5. Designate a Player to Take Out Purple Orbs: These orbs can wipe out squads if not dealt with promptly.
  6. Use Gas Grenades: These can deal additional damage to the boss whenever possible.


COD MW3 Rewards

Upon defeating Greylorm, you and your squad will receive rare Schematics and tons of XP as rewards. This will give you a way to craft powerful items for your next deployment in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

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Remember, defeating Greylorm requires a balance of strategy, firepower, and teamwork. With the right preparation and execution, victory can be yours. Good luck, soldier!