COD MW3 multiplayer game mode will bring players a different experience

In the upcoming COD MW3 multiplayer mode, the official has added richer content than previous versions, including rich maps, war experiences, new operators, etc. This enriches the story background of the multiplayer mode, adds a quest thread, and makes it more interesting.

Nostalgic maps and new maps

COD MW3 inherits the classic maps of MW2 and provides a nostalgic journey for old players. 6v6 battles include popular maps such as “Afghanistan,” “High Level,” and “Terminal.” It is best to grind your camouflage and weapons through the MW3 boost lobby before joining the battle. The huge number of maps and fierce battles make it impressive, which convinces players to want to get it. Ground War also returns with maps such as Orlof Military Base and Pop Off Power, as well as the addition of Leevan Resort.

Add new war experience.

Operation Spearhead is the first detailed war experience in the game, set within the linear corridors of military bases and silos. This 6v6 game requires players to clear anti-air defenses, providing a fresh challenge for veterans and newcomers alike.

Game mode

From Team Deathmatch and Domination to new additions like Brutal and Warfare, MW3 offers a variety of game modes to suit every play style. A hardcore mode is also available at launch, which features a limited HUD, low health, and friendly fire enabled.

New operator

MW3 introduces 25 new operators, consisting of SPC Group and CARTAC. Some operators have immediate access, while others require completing challenges in multiplayer, campaign, and zombies. Additionally, all operators in MW2 are instantly transferable and available for use.

Riptide and Swagger will be popular choices among players for the MW3 operator. They have the coolest base skins. It will be interesting to see what happens with their skins in the future. Players have high hopes for the Konig operator since he has the coolest base skins in MW2 so far The coolest base skin, but other than the one in DMZ, none of his other skins are that good.

Details coming soon

While a lot has been revealed, details on kills and scorestreaks, weapon MW3 boosting, weapon camo, progression system, and reputation are still to be confirmed. COD MW3’s multiplayer is shaping into a rich and exciting experience. A blend of old and new, there’s something for everyone.

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