Raid Shadow Legends: Every Game Mode Guide

Raid: Shadow Legends – it’s a fairly complex turn-based battler with a cool fantasy setting and a realistic aesthetic. Also, it has multiple game modes, so new players can sometimes find it overwhelming to get to grips with just how much there is to do in the game. So, in this article, we will show you every game mode in Raid Shadow Legends and what all of the different game modes are used for.

Campaign: The Main Event

The campaign is the central story behind Raid: Shadow Legends and the game mode players will first encounter. Players will make their way through a list of dungeons that increase in difficulty as the player gets deeper into the campaign. While Raid: Shadow Legends isn’t a story-heavy game, the campaign and its lore can help immerse players further into the game. Also, it offers lots of great rewards as well as unlocking the other game modes which are useful for farming for various items. Players should aim to get through the campaign as quickly as possible. Of course, if you don’t have time to do this, you can buy Raid: Shadow Legends Accounts access to Premium Champions and Content.

Dungeons: Useful For Farming And Experience

Dungeons aren’t like the campaign. They’re tougher, bigger, and filled with fearsome bosses for you to face off against. Dungeons aren’t for the weak of heart nor the weak of mind – only the strong will survive here, but that doesn’t mean you should back down. These dungeons are filled with the rewards and loot you need to progress further into the game. Summoning shards, valuable potions, XP boosts and much more are waiting for you in the dungeon mode – along with incredibly tough mobs and bosses. If you’ve already powered up your characters sufficiently, then the dungeons can offer you rewards that you simply won’t get anywhere else.

Faction Wars: Being Part Of A Team

Faction Wars is a Combat venue where your champions of each Faction attempt to reclaim their Faction Crypt pitting champions of that Faction against occupiers from of all the other factions. Rewards for each battle include SOME experience, Glyphs for use in Enchanting Artifacts, Forge Materials and Skill Tomes for beating the stages. Faction Wars is very much an end-game type of activity and will require players to have lots of 6* champions as well as lots of good gear attached to them. Faction Wars requires players to create a team composition comprised solely of champions that belong to the same Faction.

Clan Boss: Take On A Boss With A Clan

Clan Bosses require the player to be part of a clan, which is something that everyone should be doing for the clan reward Chests. When part of the clan, players will need to purchase a Clan Boss key before facing off against a boss that will be tougher than the Campaign or Dungeon mode bosses. These Clan Bosses will often give better rewards, so they are definitely worth farming for mid-game and end-game players. These fights are typically time-based and require multiple members of the same clan to take on the boss. These bosses are not designed to be defeated in a single attempt but rather over multiple with many different members of the clan pitching in to help.

Arena: PVP Mode

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of Raid Shadow Legends or a newcomer to the game, the Arena is a mode that offers endless excitement and challenge. So get ready to sharpen your skills, hone your strategy, and step into the Arena for a battle like no other. All champions will have Arena stats that are separate from their stats listed in the Great Hall, meaning that some champions that aren’t effective in the normal modes might actually be a dark horse when it comes to PVP gameplay. Winning battles in Arena will earn Arena medals, which can then be used to upgrade champions in the Great Hall. These Arena medals can also be used to claim Arena Chests, which have tiers corresponding to their reward value. Players should keep in mind that these Arena Chests reset weekly, so ensuring they get enough medals to buy a certain Arena chest in any given week is crucial.