Diablo 4: Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients Skills Build

The Barbarian class in Diablo 4 is known for its raw power and ability to deal massive damage to enemies. This build, known as the Hammer of the Ancients or Juggernaut build, focuses on a combo-playstyle that inflicts massive damage on enemies, providing a fast clear speed and the ability to destroy bosses in seconds.

Hammer of the Ancients Build
The key feature of this build is the Walking Arsenal key passive, which motivates you to swap Diablo 4 weapons Items while attacking enemies constantly. The main limitation for this passive is the amount of Fury you can spend with the cooldown of some skills. To overcome this, the build uses a combination of aspects, skills, and passives that allow you to maintain 100% uptime while keeping the fury gauge at max at all times.

The general idea is to start off with Lunging Strike (dual-wielded), then use Ground Stomp to stun enemies, followed by Death Blow (slashing), and finally strike with Hammer of the Ancients (bludgeoning). If any enemy remains alive, you’ll use Death Blow again to finish them off and continue to the next group.

Each skill in this build plays a crucial role, and it’s important to understand what each of them does to use them effectively. Here’s a brief rundown:

Lunging Strike: This basic skill allows you to close the gap with enemies and get straight inside a group, as well as activate the dual-wielding bonus and generate some fury.

Hammer of the Ancients: This is the main skill of the build, allowing you to trigger the bludgeoning passive, deal massive AOE damage, stun enemies, and increase your fury generation.

Death Blow: This skill serves both as a finisher and a resource generator. When used, you deal a massive amount of damage as well as trigger the slashing passive.

Iron Maelstrom: This ultimate ability uses all of your Arsenal Diablo 4 weapons at three different stages, triggering each Walking Arsenal passive, allowing you to annihilate everything on the screen.

Ground Stomp: You want to use this at the start of a fight to make sure enemies are stunned. This will both prevent them from attacking you and allow you to set off your combos while taking advantage of all stun-related affixes.

Iron Skin: This skill is your safety net. It mitigates all scenarios where things go south, thanks to the Aspect of the Iron Warrior, which grants you Unstoppable in addition to its regular effects.

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