The way to unlock Kadan questline in Lost Ark

That is the end content for Lost Ark and, hence, cannot be completed without first meeting a handful of specifications. If you are itching to finish the quest, here's what you will need to know to unlock it.

What will be the specifications to unlock the Kaden quest in Lost Ark?

There are actually 4 hard specifications to unlock the Kaden quest Look at. They are items you already need to do just before he even provides you the alternative to continue. This:

Feighton's questline completed

Completed Let There Be Light in Yorn questline

Completed the quest chain Beginning our story in Whispers Islet

Completed the End of Trials quest chain on Bamboo Island of Illusions.

Additionally, it's advisable to have an item degree of a minimum of 1100 or higher just before beginning. Quest Kaden. It really is a simple requirement, but endgame content could be tricky in the event you never have the correct gear.

Tips on how to start out Kaden's quest in Lost Ark?

Once you have met each of the prerequisites, you happen to be prepared to begin the quest. Simply head to Harmony Square in Verne Castle to get the initial quest. You'll find an NPC named Sebastian outdoors the queen's castle inside the east corner of this area. They ought to be in or close to the area marked around the map above. Talk to them, and this will likely unlock The Quest for Kaden questline.

Stick to her and achieve a deeper understanding in the planet of Lost Ark and who this legendary figure was.

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