FIFA 22: SBC Fodder Investing to Make Coins

If you are new to FIFA 22 Trading and wonder what “SBC fodder” is, then check trading vocabulary before you continue to read this guide.

This will be a rather short guide as it is a very simple method.

How does it work?

SBCs (= Squad Building Challenges) require SBC fodder of a certain rating

If the SBC is popular (has a high completion rate) the SBC fodder that most people buy to complete it rises

pack supply makes SBC fodder drop
when there are no good SBCs or a lot of pack supply for a while (or both) SBC fodder hits a low point

when there are many good SBCs combined with low supply it can peak very high – especially out of packs

your safest move is to buy at FIFA 22 coins cheap and sell when you are happy with the profit; this requires patience for good SBCs to come

this graph below is Gimenez (84 rated SBC fodder) during TOTY where we had a lot of pack supply combined with bad SBCs.
After TOTY ended (29th) he started rising and ended up reaching 15k 2 weeks later

SBC Fodder Investing

you could also try to predict when EA releases a good SBC, for example based on previous week’s content and invest into SBC fodder at their current prices – no matter if it’s low or high

this is very risky as it is a investment based on a guess

another way is to wait for Futwatch to tweet out the code of a new pack SBC and guess the requirements

usually the buy window is very small since there are a lot of investors but you don’t have to wait long for the SBCs to come out