NBA 2K21: What You Should Know Before Shooting?

Shooting considers as one of the most important things in NBA 2K21. Previously we listed a guide on how to be a better shooter, and now we’ll show you the basic operations and controls of shooting before heading to the best way to shoot in the NBA 2K21.

1. Put the ball in the basket

Press Square on the PS4 controller or press the X button on Xbox One controller. This begins the shooting motion. You’ll see the shot meter appear above your player.

Release the Square/X button as the moving “tick” line on the meter is close to or right on the thin dark line in the shaded/color area of the shot meter.

2. What is Shot Meter?

Shot Meter

In NBA 2K21, there are two ways to shoot by default, it’s timing your shot with the button and now aiming which you do by pulling the right stick down. When you shoot with buttons, a Shot Meter will appear above your head. NBA 2K21 has removed the green meter, this year, you don’t need to fill a bar until it’s full, but let go of the Pro Stick or shot button between a yellow marker that appears at different positions within the new bar. The position of the yellow marker will alter according to where you are on the court, the skill level of your player, and other factors. If you time it perfectly and other circumstances are good, you will flash green.

3. How to change the Shot Meter?

Go to the Options and choose Controller Settings, this is where you can change the Shot Meter, you can have the shot meter on or off, or change it to Free Throws Only.

4. Shooting controls

Getting familiar with every shot type is a great way to become a skilled shooter. So what are the controls you need to know? Here’s a look at the controls you will need to know for shooting.

Jump ShotMove and hold the right analog stick then release, or hold Square then release.
Bank ShotMove and hold the right analog stick up, and then release.
Free ThrowMove and hold the right analog stick then release, or hold Square then release.
Normal LayupMove and hold the right analog stick-up while driving.
Euro Step LayupMove and hold Right Stick down left while driving with the ball in right-hand ORDouble tap Square while driving while holding Left Stick toward the off-hand.
Runner/FloaterMove and hold the right analog stick down while driving at close range.
Reverse LayupMove and hold the right analog stick to the right while driving along the right baseline.
Two-Hand DunkHold the right trigger, and hold the right analog stick up while driving.
Dominant DunkHold right trigger, and hold the right analog stick left or right while driving to determine the dunking hand.
Flashy DunkHold the right trigger, and hold the right analog stick down while driving.
Pump FakeTap Square, or quickly move and then release the right analog stick.
Hop GatherTap Square while dribbling with the left analog stick moving in either direction.
Spin ShotHold right trigger and double tap Square.

5. Practice your shooting skills in training mode

One of the quickest and easiest methods to get better at shooting is to simply head out into the game’s training mode. This useful feature allows you to practice all the different shooting types and nail the perfect shot, making it a great place to try out different shots before diving into competitive games.

Be sure to mix up your shot-taking distances and try out any techniques you find difficult. Getting the timing down can be extremely difficult when you have the added pressure of other players on the field, so sometimes it’s best to spend a few minutes getting used to the feel of each shot before taking on your rivals. Once you get used to the timing, try turning off the shot meter and practice without the gauge. While this option does penalize players who mistime their shots, it does give them a huge boost that can lead to some incredible plays. Those who are serious about climbing the competitive ranks will want to perfect this, so get down to the training room and get practicing. The more you practice, the better you will become!

Here’s what you should know before you shoot. Of course, click here to see more NBA 2k21 shooting tips. Also, cheap NBA 2K21 MT for sale here to offer you the best service and most favorable prices.