Most Popular Tips to Improve Survival Chance to Escape from Tarkov Beginner

Escape from Tarkov: As a popular shooting game in the world, it has been loved by many players around the world since the beginning of 2020. Although it came a little late, it was highly praised by many players. For a time, a large number of shooting game enthusiasts also started the scavenging journey of Tarkov. But after all, this game is mainly hardcore, and it is also very difficult for Beginner, causing many Beginner to dizzy and troublesome as soon as they enter the game. In order to better guide Beginner to play this game, so I wrote some tips for this new play. This article is a “health and medical article”, which focuses on the abnormal state of the game character after injury and the targeted medical countermeasures. It aims to greatly enhance the survival and game experience of Beginner in the actual game.

Change inertial thinking, injury = very dangerously
Before starting the text, Beginner must not bring inertial thinking in the traditional shooting games, especially if the game character is injured, it doesn’t matter if the character is not dead. Why do you say that? That’s because the character health of this game is very important, and its setting itself is very hardcore.

In traditional shooting games, even if there is only one drop of blood left in the player’s control, the game can be played normally, and there is no difference between it and full blood. However, in this game, once the player’s character is injured, it will trigger a series of negative abnormal states, and these abnormal states also have different negative effects. It is so small that it affects the eyesight so that the player cannot see clearly what is in front of him, so large that the player’s character is paralyzed and unable to move, or even slowly bleed and die.

Many novices in the game, apparently killed several powerful enemies at the cost of residual blood and loaded with loot successfully arrived at the escape point. Seeing that they can win this game as soon as the time is up, they suddenly find that their role is bleeding too much And died … and this situation is actually a failure caused by the player’s inertial thinking, so please change your inertial thinking first, and then enter the game world of Escape from Tarkov.

Health System Introduction
As mentioned above, injuries can cause the game character to appear abnormal, and the consequences of the abnormal state are very dangerous. But Escape from Tarkov is the main shooting game, frequent fierce shootouts are also inevitable. Without being injured, it is almost impossible. Since injuries are inevitable, all players can do is to face it positively, understand it, and finally deal with it in the right way! Let’s take a preliminary look at the physical health system of the game characters in Tarkov, and what common negative anomalies and their effects players will face in the game.

The health system of game characters is roughly divided into 4 parts
1: All parts of the body and total blood volume (head 35 blood, chest 80 blood, stomach 70 blood, left hand 60 blood, right hand 60 blood, left leg 65 blood, right leg 65 blood, add up to a total of 435 blood)
2: Physical health data, divided into 6 items, body temperature, toxicity, radiation tolerance, blood pressure, water volume, and body energy Will gradually add its related specific functions and gameplay)
3: Various negative abnormal conditions caused by injuries to various parts of the body and the reduction of physical health data. This will be described later.
4: Medicine and food, this part is actually subdivided into many small categories, the functions are not the same, and they are quite numerous together, but in the final analysis, they serve the first three parts. Regarding medicines and food props, you can check the effect one by one in the flea market in the game. It is strongly recommended that newcomers go to the flea market to take a look.

The above four parts constitute the character health system of Tarkov games. What Beginner need to pay attention to here is that the blood volume of each part of the body is calculated differently. Relatively speaking, the head is the most vulnerable. This is actually the same as other shooting games. The headshot is definitely a direct GAME OVER. However, in this work, it is based on specific values ​​and is more intuitive.

The weight relationship of each part of the character’s body
The seven parts of the limbs and the body are subjected to damage and calculate the blood volume separately. The decrease in the blood volume of the part will cause a change in color. It will become red when the blood is low, and it will turn black after zero blood and cause a fracture. The efficiency is reduced and the whole body is injured and so on. But relatively speaking, the two parts of the head and chest are the most important, because the blood volume of these two parts will directly declare the death of the game character. The only exception is that excessive blood loss due to injury causes the blood volume to return to zero. In this case, the game character will not be judged to be killed, but if the player receives any minor damage at this time, it will be killed immediately. This needs everyone’s attention.

Of course, in addition to the two parts of the head and chest, other parts are also very important, but there is relatively no immediate effect. However, it is necessary to be vigilant that if the fracture of a certain site becomes black, then if the site receives damage again, it will be distributed to the whole body and cause the character to die. For example, if the leg suffers a lot of damage, causing the blood volume of the legs to return to zero, 65 blood X2 = 130 blood, the total blood volume of the whole body 435 minus the blood volume of the legs that were knocked off the leg 135 = the character 300 blood left. At this time, the fracture of the legs becomes black. Once the legs continue to receive the damage, the damage will be multiplied by 1.5 times, and the blood volume of other parts of the body will be deducted. This will trigger a series of malignant chain reactions. The light will cause other parts of the body to become red or black and lose their functions. The heavy will directly be deducted from the blood volume and cause the character to die.

Consequences of injuries to various parts of the body turning red and black
The above roughly describes the weight relationship of each part. Let ’s briefly talk about the situation after each part is hit by red and black fractures. Here I need to tell you novices in advance that in any game, a part is injured. There is a chance of fracture, and its effect is similar to blackening. In terms of functionality, it can be temporarily understood as fracture = blackening. But in terms of impact on this game, blackening is> broken. This is because once a fracture occurs in a certain part, the fracture can be treated by the corresponding prop to eliminate the fracture, and then the blood volume of the part is pulled up with the recovery prop. But once the site turns black, even if the fracture is treated, the site will still be black, and no blood can be restored to it. At this time, a special surgical treatment package is needed to repair the black area first. The price and treatment time of this surgical package is not low. Through the repair of the professional surgical package, the blackened part can be restored to the state of 1 blood, and then Increase the blood volume of this part through the recovery props. This will also be explained below. Now let’s take a look at the fractured status of each part in order.

The weight of the head and chest is the highest, and if it is not protected, it will die suddenly. It is worth mentioning that the head is also an important part of the visual and auditory senses. Novice players must not protect the part excessively, which will cause the hearing loss of the game character and the limited viewing angle. This may result in gains and losses. The high-strength protective helmet with closed head … At the same time, if the chest is seriously injured, there will be gasping, which will easily expose your position through the sound.

After the left hand is fractured or blackened, the character ’s search speed for licking bags and the speed of using prop items will be slower, and the time for changing bullets and switching weapons will also be more than doubled. The hidden setting in the game is to define the left hand as a tool hand. This also requires players to pay attention to. Once the left hand is abolished, all actions related to the use of the tool will be affected. Similar hidden settings are almost all over the game. This is also one of the hardcore design features of this game.

The right hand is the weapon hand, which will seriously affect the character when using any weapon to attack. Of course, it will also slow down the speed of licking the bag and the time to switch weapons. Novices may understand it as a lot of things require both hands to work at the same time, so the right hand is disabled and it will affect the efficiency. The user has a greater impact, and the right hand has a greater impact on the use of weapons.

After the stomach is hit red and black, the water health of the game character will decrease rapidly. If it is not treated in time, it will gradually enter the dehydrated state, and after the deterioration, the character will enter a negative state of forced continuous blood deduction. At the same time, it should be noted that if the stomach is black, the game character will also cough, which will easily expose his position.

The functionality of the left and right legs is more consistent. After the fracture, it will affect the moving speed and jumping height of the game character. However, it should be noted that once it becomes black, it will enter a slow-moving state that cannot sprint and run, which is very fatal.

The above are the post-fracture states corresponding to various parts of the body. Of course, there are more than these. The following will also list some common negative abnormal states in combat.

Common negative abnormal states
In fact, there are quite a lot of introductions about common negative anomalies on the Internet, but most of them are just a description of the effect, and they don’t give much about the actual combat experience and precautions. So the following is worth reading for all Beginner. If necessary, it may really save your life and help you escape from Tarkov!

Blood loss: The body begins to bleed due to injury, losing life every 5 seconds, and the injury will be distributed to all parts of the body. It is particularly important for novices to note that this blood loss effect is very fatal, and it can also cause multiple simultaneous blood loss situations, such as the simultaneous loss of blood in the four parts of the left hand + stomach + legs, which is terrifying. Many newcomers are in a high intensity Despite the victory of the residual blood in the fight, it is very common to die from excessive blood loss in the end. So novices must pay attention to it. Bandages are essential hemostatic products. Although they cannot help you recover, they can effectively prevent continued blood loss. After a war, please be sure to hide it and bandage it for the first time. You can directly drag the bandage to select the bandage part, and then drag the recovery props to the designated part to restore the blood volume of the part. Of course, some other first-aid medicines also have hemostatic effects. It is better to pay more attention to this in the game.

Fresh wounds: Due to the excessive movement when accelerating the sprint or jumping, the old wounds that have been treated before will be torn, resulting in continuous bleeding. This is derived from the above blood loss effect. Once the blood loss is bandaged, once the vigorous exercise will cause the wound that has already stopped bleeding to be torn, resulting in a fresh wound into a continuous bleeding state, this will also force a deduction from the body Blood, if you want to stop there is no other way, you can only wait for its 240-second DEBUFF duration to finish. This is a negative state that has no cure. Counting this is definitely an abnormal state of disgust. Novices must pay attention to sneaking. Don’t forget the pain when the scar is cured. When the brain is hot, look for hard steel everywhere. Always keep in mind that although this game is a shooting game, the main purpose is to search for various materials in the copy, and finally reach the evacuation point alive, instead of becoming an unstoppable corpse, so please do not play too unrestrained.

Fractures: There are different fractures in different parts of the body, and the effects are also different. The specific state has been emphasized in the above with the limbs of the body, so pay attention. Fractures will only occur after the limbs have been injured. This setting is actually a bit metaphysical. Sometimes a few shots will result in blood loss, but sometimes a shot will fracture… To treat fractures, you need to use special items, such as gray Bear first aid kit, fixed splint, and SURV12 field surgery kit. Newbies need to pay attention to the fact that it takes a long time to treat fractures. You must try to move to a safe location before treatment. At the same time, you must pay attention to whether the site has become black. If it becomes black, you must perform surgery. Only by using the surgical kit can the area be restored to 1 blood before treatment.

Pain: After the game character is injured, the player’s screen will be darkened directly due to the severe pain. Painful conditions usually coexist with other abnormal conditions, such as muscle tremors as described below. The way to deal with the following one, you can continue to read.

Muscle tremor: Limb tremor that occurs due to severe pain caused by a character’s injury can cause irregular shaking of the player’s screen, resulting in the inability to shoot accurately. If you want to get rid of this situation, you usually take painkillers or treat the injured area. It is strongly recommended that novice players always have painkillers in their backpacks. At the critical moment, you will have a fight in front of the god of death After the dilemma, retreat to a safe place to treat the wound thoroughly.

Contusion: Reduce the audio-visual sensory sound effect by 1/3, the sound in the player ’s earphone will become weak, which will affect your ability to distinguish the surrounding sound, etc. This can be eliminated by some painkillers or stimulant props There are several types of painkillers and excitement stimulants, some can eliminate contusion, and some do not have this function. In general, ibuprofen pain medicine and the Grizzly first aid kit can effectively treat contusion, and yellow and green stimulants and epinephrine can also eliminate confusion. This state usually doesn’t matter, but in some cases, it can be very fatal, especially when attacking and defending, it is very common to have an adrenaline shot to excite the character. Novices sometimes do n’t want to use it, this game is only alive.

Dehydration and hard dehydration status: This can refer to the description of stomach injury above. You need to treat the stomach and drink water to replenish the water. There will be many beverage props in the game, such as cola, red bull, juice, etc. You can provide your game character with water intake to prevent the occurrence of dehydration, but the newcomer should pay attention to that if the stomach is not seriously treated, it will be a permanent cure, and will soon become dehydrated.

Conclusion of this guide
The abnormal state is far more than the ones listed above. There are many other negative effects in the game, but compared to the above points, there is no need to mention more. The beginner should first remember the above first and remember to prepare the medicines for the countermeasures. The reason why Escape from Tarkov is hardcore is not only in its changes in guns, ballistics, and map play. Its health settings are also very hardcore. If novices do not pay attention to these, then I am afraid that they will face an unprecedented mode of suffering. Of course, if you only choose to make money with a naked running knife, then it doesn’t matter. But if you are going in with equipment and plan to do a big job, then the above will be very practical.

This guide recommends that Beginner should first carefully read the classification of drugs and food in the flea market, and carefully understand the gains and benefits of each item, such as alcoholic vodka, not only will not solve your dehydration problems, It will also directly deduct 50 points of body water to increase dehydration, but it will also give you corresponding relief from pain and increase the anti-stress gain for 250 seconds. The assertion that this wine can be bold is also most vividly reflected in Tarkov. Finally, I wish you all novices can successfully escape from Tarkov.