MU Legend: How To Work Properly During A Fight

What you expect from DL dps build with sword and shield ? Your damage is mediocre, you don’t have any except ice claw and you cannot keep aggro.

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First of all the only way that Holy Light and Purification only helps you is if you don’t know how to properly work the position during a fight because R can remove stuns and negative status like the pentagram from the first boss, the stun from the third and the fear from the second and also the heal is on area around you so you just need to quickly dash and heal anyone who needs.

Another thing keeping the aggro is not just making the monsters attack you, position, freeze, silence, with low cd’s I can keep normal mobs without attacking 95% of the time, there’s only a 1-2 sec windows between my silence and my freeze, way better control than anything else.

You can have 150k CP and have as little as 4k def even with a DL, since 150k is not that high and you can easily get there with a kind of decent pet and half of your gear still on legendary.

Your E and R just support skills for your Q, not support skills for your party. And no you not keeping aggro with that build, and any build without spin attack is dps build, since it only low cd skill which reliable keep aggro and heavily debuff mobs. And thing is you died in Sanctum tell me all about your skills.

There is 6 support skills how the hell did you think it was? I have soul points in Def, HP and Evasion, there isn’t anything here that indicates a DPS build and by the way I can keep aggro always with this build, on bosses I just trade to Flames + Spin and Dash and I can also maintain aggro 95% of the time. If you want to improve your game skills, then you can choose U4GM where you can buy MU Legend Zen and find useful guides on MU Legend.