Giant Player Rating For Madden 18 Leaks

EA Sports has not yet released all 32 NFL team players in its latest version of Madden, but in a hacker and leaked world, there should be no real surprise, they found their way as soon as possible.

EA Sports has released a team-based rating, and for the New York Giants, leading Audell Beckham Jr. has been widely accepted.


Defensive defenses Damon Harrison and Corner Janoris Jenkins and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie are only ratings humiliated in the 1990s, and everyone checks with 89.

Guards Justin Pu and Center Wilston Ridge Fort is the highest rating offense line at 86, while Shane Velen is the highest rating run back to 82.

Quarterback Eli Manning received only 80 points, but the awareness level of 87, shooting 90.

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