The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Inspired Gamers’ Hearts

The “Elder Scrolls” saga has inspired gamer hearts since 1994. The series already includes a dozen offshoots of various types on a variety of systems. Three years ago the “Elder Scrolls” were implemented for the first time as a massive multiplayer online role playing game. Thousands of players can simultaneously explore the world of Tamriel and experience unique heroic stories thanks to diverse breeds and classes as well as exciting quests. “The Elder Scrolls Online”, or TESO for short, is constantly being expanded.


The latest add-on is called “Morrowind” – as is a predecessor game (part 3 from the main series), whose setting is now imported. New gamers can be found in the Morrowind province of Moravia, more precisely on the island of Vvardenfell. Veterans can simply translate there. Vvardenfell is exotic even for “Elder Scrolls”: there live unpredictable gods and steampunk beasts, wizards dwell in hollow monster mushrooms and are traveled on huge fleas. There are, of course, several factions on Vvardenfell, various crises and various intrigues. As a hero, as always, the right balance between diplomacy and sword blows is to be found – the bar of the story remains accustomed to high.

A new addition is the Warden class. Along with ice-skating and fitness to both the hard fighter and the potent supporter, he shines with the ability to summon animal companions. A war-bear, a murderous river-dog, and much more-the guardian can get it. In short, it is a welcome and meaningful addition to the previous TESO classes.

The good news for solo players: Thanks to level-scaling you can also quite well as a solitary – the group vow is limited. The “Morrowind” add-on also has a battlefield extension for all those who prefer to fight more. In arenas, three teams with four players can compete in the categories Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag. The fights are entertaining, but due to the different equipment of the stretching is not always clean balanced.

Conclusion: “Morrowind” plays primarily the nostalgia card: the add-on attracts “Elder Scrolls” -tans with the return into known field, in order to rediscover them. In addition, it complements existing and provides fresh experience – fortunately so skillfully that even newcomers find themselves quickly. Great innovations are searched, however, in vain, one finds more of the old and – well – remembered! Full price for an add-on is however a little high. Tip: The upgrade is much cheaper in the online store.