Mu Legend Changes Have Also Affected The Pet System

Mu Legend will be able to win its gamers like, is indeed an entertaining game. Do not expect any unique mechanics from it, as in the same Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal, but who knows, maybe the developers will offer us something very interesting in the near future. More new details on its changes and improvements, click here to get more.

Mu Legend

On open beta testing, the character development process has changed somewhat. Development to level 65 will take more time than it was during the CBT international version, but not much. Most likely gamers are waiting for certain changes, and they will be significantly different from those that we could see on the closed tests of the international version.

Changes have also affected the pet system. They can be received all also in Fabrice’s Garden, but their drop significantly reduced. In addition, now pets increase their level when grinding monsters. You can also increase their level with special stones. Most likely, an increase in the level with the help of objects is relevant for pets with high typing, since the experience obtained with the help of grind is quite low.

Simply put, in the store you can buy Mu Legend Zen & Mu Legend Power Leveling, you can also purchase other items for changing the name of the character and guild, an additional slot for the character and so on. Additionally, if you hope to get a comfortable game experience you have to buy Mu Legend Zen & Mu Legend Power Leveling.