Mu Legend Rift Are Present On Every Map

Like most other role-playing games, Mu Legend as a role-playing games, is also quite attractive. A majority of gamers has become so familiar to Mu Legend, in Mu Legend, familiar dungeons are now called “Rift”, and these Rift are present on every map. The Rift system in the Mu Legend is quite simple, depending on the task you are doing, but in the Rift will have different characteristics.


As we all know, Mu Legend was officially launched on this year, the game is attracting the attention of many gamers around the world. In order to warm up the whole gaming atmosphere, Webzen has launched an impressive gameplay of the product with the detailed style of each character class, players can view more at U4GM.

The 4 classes of Mu Legend that were originally introduced seem to be based on the old Mu Online character classes. Specifically, Blader is similar to the Dark Knight class, War Mage is somewhat similar to Dark Wizzard, Dark Lord is retained, while Whisperer is somewhat similar to the Elf (archers class).

In addition, Mu Legend’s gameplay is built very much like Diablo III with more action-oriented attacks rather than just one spamming skill. The character has additional moves such as non-body, somersault to dodge the skill of the monster. These are new innovations of this game, bringing the game out of the ‘drag’ that is no longer trendy anymore. You need to know that U4GM is committed to offers cheap Mu Legend Zen.