The Currently Implemented Skill System In Mu Legend

For Mu Legend, the currently implemented skill system in Mu Legend is an idea taken from an earlier iteration of the rune skill system of Diablo 3. In Mu Legend, you can be allowed to drop items with varying qualities that will change or enhance how a skill works. For additional information you can also check out more here.


Damage, cooldown, mana cost, duration and other basic ones were available in the CBT. I believe the rarest ones like epic/legendary will have more sophisticated effects on skills other than just altering the basic stats. This makes room for a much larger variety of builds and also creates another itemization system/goal for end game.

Mu Legend offers Soul Levels at the start of the game. Soul Levels are like extra stats that you can use to make your character become stronger. These stats are like Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Attack Speed, Crit Chance, Magic Def, Phys Def, and more. In addition, Mu Legend endorses playing and leveling multiple characters through the Account Level bonuses. All characters on an account gain +1 damage for every 5 levels, and +1 to all stats for every 30 levels.

Apparently, the graphics of Mu Legend are very good. Webzen did a great job with the textures, colors, environmentals and combination of region themes and inhabiting critters. Shadows, Water, Ice (with multiple layers), Reflections and Depth of region bring the world to life in a very well-balanced display of immersion. Fantastic graphics effect, unforgettable gaming experience, let’s enjoy the fun game through buying Mu Legend Zen.