Blade & Soul New Content Arrives March 23

Now, on March 23rd, another content update is scheduled to drop in the form of Silverfrost Mountains – and this one is apparently expansion-sized. The current game features three acts, which are each represented by a specific area of the world, and Silverfrost Mountain adds a fourth, essentially expanding the overall game’s size by 25%. As new content coming,having enough blade and soul gold is necessary. So that means new dailies, new quests, new zones, and new world bosses. Act four also adds new content to the overall storyline, and increases the level cap to 50.

As well as bringing a new continent to the game, Silverfrost Mountains will deliver several new in-game dungeons, amongst which includes four- and six-player versions of Awakened Necropolis, and Frozen Fang, a snake/medusa-themed dungeon. A new 24-player instanced dungeon will also be introduced. Clan levels are being expanded from 5 to 15, and clan outfit crafting will be unlocked – something that players have apparently been asking for. Finally, Silverfrost Mountains will introduce Grand Harvest Square, which is something new for Blade and Soul. It’s a limited-access 24-person instance, which is only available at certain times.

New content won’t be stopping there. In the next few months, even more updates are planned for Blade and Soul. There’s a new four- and six-player dungeon in the works that will require a high degree of player coordination and skill, as well as Cold Storage, a six-player dungeon that will have limited entry so that players will only be able to play it a certain amount of times a day. Then there’s Sundered Nexus, a reskinned version of Naryu Labyrinth that has a randomized path to its end, Zawei Ruins, a new 24-player dungeon, and Altar of Divine Will, a dungeon that’s integral to Blade and Soul’s storyline that will feature a fight with the game’s antagonist, Jinsoyun.battleground.

Most of Blade of Soul’s PvP is based on arena-type 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 battles where gear and health is equalized so that players fight on an even footing. However, with Whirlwind, this is not a case, and gear level matters as players fight over for control over nodes. For more information, please go to