Blade and Soul: New Expansion Pack Coming!

If you thought the release of Blade & Soul was the end of the road, get ready to be pleasantly surprised. NCSoft is announcing one of the biggest new expansion packs yet, titled Silverfrost Mountains.

The update will of course include access to the region aptly named Silverfrost Mountains, which is an area vastly different from anywhere else in Blade & Soul. As the new content coming ,it will need much blade and soul gold to promote your character attributes.The enemies are tougher, the land is cold and covered in snow and the gameplay is more intense.

The Silverfrost Mountains update will include access to a ton of new dungeons, a new capital city, improvements in clan crafting, two new 24-player zones, a Grand Harvest Square server event, new additions to the story and more. The level cap for players will also be raised to 50.

In Blade & Soul, you start out as a young student who transforms over time into the last hope in saving the Earthen Realm from total destruction by the notorious Jinsoyun. The game is an MMORPG where players create characters by choosing a class and a race and can choose to follow the story or spend their time exploring the worlds within Blade & Soul, either alone or together with friends.

The announcement on the Blade & Soul website doesn’t give an exact release date for the update, but should be expected sometime this Spring. For more information, please go to