Bravo as a Peacemaker in FIFA Game

In the battle between Brazil and Chile, and Neymar were stampeded by Medel , they spat occurred after the FIFA game. We are selling Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Coins, if you want to buy FIFA 15 Coins, you can contact us on our site

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Bravo Barcelona and Chile goalkeeper, and today he position himself as a peacemaker while attending a news conference:. “This kind of thing, let him stay in the stadium on the line and I had talked about both of them, they are not involved in such controversial statement later. ”

Neymar is the more protection? Neymar’s style is too provocative? Bravo to this statement: “We should not only protect Neymar, Neymar and should protect all the players style of play without any problems, do not give us any trouble, it will only bring trouble to the opponent for opponents. in a words, Neymar threat is very great. when he was a teammate, we realize that he has become all the top FIFA players needed. ”

Bravo then talked about Messi states: “I think he is very good, he has been able to attend part of the training that we all look forward to against Celta, we want full health compared to individuals, we believe that the team is more important. ”