Messi Enjoys Himself in London with Girlfriend and Friends

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Barcelona did not have the match task this week, thus Enrique gave the players a couple of days off. Neymar took advantage of being suspended last weekend to fly back to Brazil. Messi flew to London on Monday with his girlfriend Antonella. This time it turns to Fabregas to play host.
Before Barcelona flew away against Manchester City recently, Fabregas had flied back to Barcelona. Then Messi and Pique took him to the casino with fun.  On Barcelona team holiday, Messi and Antonella flew to London. According to Daily Mail, Messi and Antonella met Fabregas and his girlfriend Dani Ella. The four went to a casino last night. Messi and Cesc Fabregas are mates and friends from the junior team. Antonella and Dani Ella are favorite girlfriends each other.
In London, Messi also saw Deke. World Sports Daily made a photo of Deco, Fabregas and Messi when ordering the meal in the restaurant. In the team Deco, Ronaldinho, and Sylvinho etc. took care of Messi in the locker room very much. Although Messi is Argentine, these players are Brazil, they rid the country to take care of Messi particularly. Messi has taken them as Big Brothers.
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