Destiny DLC House of Wolves: an approach a new update!

Before the arrival of the DLC House of Wolves, Bungie must upgrade Destiny power leveling. Also, be aware that an update is approaching!

Before welcoming the DLC House of Wolves, Destiny must upgrade! And to do this, what’s better than a good old update? This is the news we learn today at the Coca-Cola zero Gaming Zone! For now, developers do not want to reveal the contents of this update, but we will certainly be in the coming weeks, because the lifting should not arrive before “several weeks”… For now, the DLC is not yet dated, so you will understand that it is not ready to arrive on your consoles! According to rumors, it would be for may!

Destiny, whose infernal mode is available, made for several months the joys of gamers futuristic FPS fans. By the creators of Halo and the Publisher of Call of Duty, Destiny, plunges you into the skin of one guards the last city on Earth, with incredible powers. Explore the ruins of our solar system, the Red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Defeat the enemies of the Earth. Repeat what we have lost. Become a legend. A program that will soon be even richer thanks to the arrival of the DLC House of Wolves, which a player has discovered all the news! What do you expect from House of Wolves?