Infinite Thrall Glitch Provides Easy Loot And Experience From Destiny

Destiny players keep finding creative ways to farm new loot for their characters. Their latest trick, dubbed the “Infinite Thrall Glitch,” is one of the easiest tricks yet. Destiny power leveling your game makes it easier.

To perform the Infinite Thrall glitch, you’ll need to head to Earth. Select the early story mission “The Dark Within” and head to the Skywatch. Soon after you enter the Lunar Complex, you’ll hit a Darkness Zone and find a gate that your Ghost has to open.

Summon your DinklageBot and let him start working. Don’t go through the gate, though. Instead, hop on your Sparrow and head to the adjoining room. Drive behind the red crate in the corner and stop with your Sparrow parallel to the broken wall there. Hop off your Sparrow and you’ll pass through the wall. Crouch under some wreckage and head through the crack in the wall. Now you’re outside.

Follow the snowy path outside and eventually you’ll be able to hop onto the roof of the complex. You’ll find an entrance back into the building there and will eventually find yourself in the room where you encountered the Hive Wizard in your first play-through of this mission.

However, there’s a crucial difference this time around: there are almost no enemies there. The only Hive you’ll find are a pair of Thralls who spawn for a couple seconds and then disappear. In Se7enSins’ video, they’re level 3 but you can tweak that when you’re first selecting the mission from orbit.


The Thralls will keep respawning even if you kill them. This means you can easily farm them for Glimmer, loot, and experience. This is a great place for you to grind out certain Bounties as well. The only limit to how much you can farm is your ammo supply.

Bungie will probably remove the exploit soon. In the past, they’ve shown that they don’t want any get-rich-quick bugs in the game. Since Destiny launched, they’ve shut down “loot caves” and other exploits. This particular bug seems like it’ll be easy to fix; all Bungie needs to do is prevent players from clipping through that one wall. If you’re looking for an easy grind, better take advantage of the Infinite Thrall glitch while you can.

This exploit has been live for at least a week. Patch 1.1.1 fixed a lot of issues, such as the heavy ammo bug, but the Infinite Thralls seem to have escaped their notice for now.