Previews Editor Matt Miller Landed On DestinyGhostHunter

long your travels, you may have encountered “dead ghosts” that you can revive. Each unlocks a different grimoire card carrying a piece of Destiny’s lore.


We’ve been searching for a good resource to find those we’re missing (in my case, quite a few). Destiny power leveling make you not miss anything. Previews editor Matt Miller landed on DestinyGhostHunter.

No, this isn’t a cheesy show about the remains in the loot cave. It’s a personalized resource to locating those pesky ghosts that have eluded you.

Once you plug in your PSN or Xbox Live username, the site generates a color-coded list of all the ghosts in the game. Green means you’ve found it. Red is still hidden.

These are split up by planet, with the Tower and the expansion content each available in their own categories. If you’re looking to boost your grimoire score (and learn more about just what is supposed to be happening in Destiny), visit the site and start hunting.

Destiny’s biggest shortcoming according to many of its players is the lack of story content. What is present is told through external sources via grimoire “cards” acquired through playing. Many of these are only unlocked by funding elusive collectibles spread throughout the game.