Destiny Is Not Too Easy For You? End All Three Completed Crota

All three classes in Destiny has now completed Crota’s End alone. The feat by Warlock signals a terrifying realization, that Destiny’s endgame content might just not difficulties. Destiny power leveling make your game a lot easier. Either that, or Bungie should fix the way raids work.



A Warlock’s Solo

After both a Hunter and a Titan successfully made it through Crota’s End without a teammate, a Warlock has now completed the feat as well. It is surprising that the Warlock class was last to solo Crota’s End, as the class was pivitol in beating Vault of Glass.

Even more impressive, unlike the other two players and the dozens after them, this Warlock was able to make it through the raid without using the Gjallarhorn. Watch the solo trek in the video below.

In total, the Warlock player says it took them some 10 hours to complete the entire raid solo. Some solo raiders are capable of running through the whole thing in less than 2 hours, and eventually we suspect Warlocks will be able to as well. The above video only features the final portion of their solo run. For the full run, check out HM05′s channel to see the entire quest.

Closing Statements

The Dark Below only has one raid named Crota’s End. Therefore, an MMO gamer like myself is pretty unimpressed by the difficulty. Even if these players have exploited some game mechanics to achieve victory, Bungie should have fixed these issues. One player should never be able to do the job of six in current end game content.