Destiny 2 will be Released in Spring 2016

Eric Hirshberg, the CEP of Activision Publishing has revealed in a report by VG 24/7 that the development has started for the next full game in the Destiny series. On ‘Destiny’ of substitution can enter We will be offering Cheap Destiny Power Leveling and will be held during the Christmas season discounts.


“Work has also begun on future expansion packs, as well as on our next full game release,” said Hirshberg in regards to the future of the Destiny game series. In fact, Activision is preparing for a lengthy 10-year span for the game franchise and a sequel is definitely happening. Hirshberg then added that the next Destiny game is in good hands with Bungie, and that it has large plans for the game franchise. destiny

“Bungie has a Lord of the Rings-sized narrative in mind for Destiny,” revealed the Activision CEO. The contract deals between Bungie and Activision that emerged in 2012 revealed that there will be multiple sequels for Destiny. GameHype reported that Destiny 2 has a rumored release date in the spring of 2016, though Bungie and Activision has not yet commented on the subject. As for the game’s users, website Gamespot has revealed that the game has over 9.5 million “registered users,” with the calculation that an average Destiny players spends 3 hours every day playing the game. David Dague, the Bungie Community Manager revealed to IGN that all the characters from the first game will still appear in the sequel since they get attached to their charactes.