ArcheAge Breeding Guides to Get Quick Gold

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In ArcheAge, breeding animals is a relative easy life skill, It can bring players with decent, long term and stable income. However, it is not so easy to begin with. Farmer’s workbench and undersea garden are necessary if you want to breed animals. Farmer’s workbench is necessary equipment for making nutrient and livestock feed, while undersea gardens are breeding ground for green coral and red coral. Players can earn ArcheAge gold by trading their products.

Mission Products
In mission system, players are able to gather their products from doing normal missions. Breeding goose is one of the choices for players. After players breed gooses with beans, gooses enter harvest phrase when players can harvest their feather for trading (50 feathers in one group). Additionally, players can gain goose meat as well. Either way, players can milk the cows. After players breed cows with fodder, cows will enter harvest phrase, allowing players to milk cows. To breed their cows, players need farmer’s workbench which is the only way to make fodder, while, for newbies who haven’t join Expeditionary Force, farmer’s workbench is unavailable in the early stage. If newbies need milk, the only way is purchase.

Common Breeding
Except doing mission, common breeding is another way for players to earn decent income, for example, in the Second CN CBT, sheep is able to bring enormous profits, because sheep wool can be made for cloth, rawhide can be made for leather and sheep wool can be traded for money. In KR Servers, breeding The Yata Farm can gain the same profits as breeding sheep in CN servers.

Undersea Garden
Undersea products can be made for dyes, potion and jewelry. Since undersea garden is quite rare and the room is not quite big, the products are usually expensive, which means players are able to gain huge potential profit. Red coral and greed coral can be made for dyes and farmer’s workbench, which is a significant number of demands in early game. Additionally, players may randomly grab rare black pearl when farming undersea.

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