ArcheAge gold fast by gathering ore guides

In ArcheAge, I share some efficient ways to earn ArcheAge gold via gathering. Some players like to stick on PvP or do quests instead of getting involvement with crafting or gathering all day alone. Players can get quick access to their gathering while getting out of the risk of monsters that they can’t deal with.

Gathering ore is one of the fastest ways to ArcheAge gold if you have rich labor point to burst. Currently, there are two places for newbies to gather ore: Arcum Iris – Granite Quarry and Solis Headlands. Arcum Iris is in the right next to starting area where players can find much iron ore. It is one of the easiest spots for newbies to farm. Solis Headlands – Plateau is near your crafting and housing area, there are also a lot of ore veins to be found.

If you are in the east continent, I highly recommend you guys to farm in Granite Quarry, because it is quite near your starting area while getting rid of big monsters that you can’t deal with. If you are in west continent Nuia, Trosk Mountains would be a nice place where is full of iron ore veins that allow three or four players farming at the same time.

With being said above, gathering ore is one of the fastest ways to burn through labor points, as there are many spots where literally every 10 steps players can find a vein and they can burn those points away in about 15-30 minutes for 1000 points. Keep in mind that most ingots need 3 ore’s to make 1 ingot so the ratio is often 3:1. Additionally, players are able to grab rare material and gem that can be made for jewelry.

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