WildStar Bonuses to reinforce your character

Everyone would like to have their own strip of land, somewhere in the wilderness, to be able to build his little house. In Wildstar, this is an option and everyone, who reaches level 14, may receive their own land.Apart from the great features in the house looks, the house also provide you with several bonuses, which are sure to reinforce your character.

wildstar bonus

Buff board- it is always located next to the teleporter outside. Once a day, you can select an buff for higher experience from dungeons, from quests and monsters, or additional experience from PvP. It remains active for the next 23h but, if you die, you lose it irreversibly.

Rest EXP – nowhere can you get more rest experience than in your own house. The more items, which increase the comfort, are there, the more additional experience you receive, while away from the game. After you are back, you do not receive it immediately but, you will be able to see it in the bonus for defeating monsters.

Additional Crafting resources- on your property, you can put up a mine, an excavation site, or any other place where, you can obtain resources, without the necessity to explore the entire map.

Challenge sites – on the property, you can also put up sites in which you will, occasionally, be receiving challenges. For completing these challenges, you are rewarded with random rewards, just like in the outside world.

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