Wildstar Engineer Strengths and Weaknesses

A ranged tank, to many MMOG traditionalists, might sound a little strange. Thankfully the Engineer fits this bill perfectly and is capable of not only keeping an enemies attention easily, but also dealing huge damage. If you like gadgets, hyper-sci-fi weapons and robots under your control, look no further. Although an Engineers range is shorter than the Espers or Spellslingers and you walk slower while attacking, it makes up for this by wearing heavy armor. On top of that, the Engineer has access to an Exo Suit which, similar to the Stalker, you can change to Damage or Tank mode as you see fit. Unlike traditional tanks (and similar again to the Stalker or Warrior) the Engineer really is capable of dealing big damage, meaning if tanking doesn’t interest you and you just want to melt faces, you can’t go far wrong.

Wildstar Engineer

Capable of dealing massive damage and tanking very well
Heavy armor provides plenty of survivability
A larger attacking radius than the Spellslinger and Esper
Bots act as excellent utility in PvE and PvP

Slowest movement out of all classes when fighting (although not when using the Exo Suit)
Has few skills to escape enemies
No self heal
Has a shorter range than the Esper and Spellslinger, putting you at closer range to fights

– Source from: http://www.wildstar-powerleveling.com/news/game-WildStar-1614/Wildstar-Engineer-Strengths-and-Weaknesses-12569

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