Monopoly GO: All Galactic Adventures Event Rewards And Milestones

Monopoly GO

Scopely is continuing to add brand new events in Monopoly GO, with the latest one being called the ‘Galactic Adventures’. In this event, players are able to gather points, reaching milestones and earning a ton of in-game rewards, such Stickers, Cash, Pickaxe tokens, and free Dice rolls. Especially Stickers are important, collect stickers to get sets/albums done with huge rewards. There are many ways to collect stickers, such as Finishing Quick Wins, progressing through Milestone Events finishing top 3 in a Tournament, Spinning the Color Set Wheel, being gifted Stickers from a friend, Through U4gm to buy Monopoly GO Stickers.

In this article, we are going to go over the full list of rewards and milestones for the new ‘Galactic Adventures’ event, as well as some tips and tricks on how to earn as many points as possible!

Event LevelPoints RequiredRewards
25Three Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
310One-Star Sticker Pack
475125 Dice Rolls
61515 minutes of Rent Frenzy
720Three Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
9150230 Dice Rolls
1030Four Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
1135One-Star Sticker Pack
1345Five Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
14400550 Dice Rolls
1545Two-Star Sticker Pack
165010 minutes of Cash Grab
1760Six Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
19825950 Dice Rolls
2075Eight Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
2170Three-Star Sticker Pack
228090 Dice Rolls
238510 Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
249001,100 Dice Rolls
259010 minutes of High Roller
2610012 Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
27120Four-Star Sticker Pack
2813013 Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
30140150 Dice Rolls
3215015 Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
33175Four-Star Sticker Pack
341,8001,800 Dice Rolls
3630025 minutes of Rent Frenzy
38600Five-Star Sticker Pack
394,0003,800 Dice Rolls
4070030 Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
42900800 Dice Rolls
441,10045 Laser Guns
(Galactic Treasures event)
451,200Five-Star Sticker Pack
476,5006,500 Dice Rolls
Five-Star Sticker Pack

Dice rolls are key to winning all the rewards for events like “Galactic Adventures” in Monopoly GO. The best way to get them is by hitting the milestones mentioned above. Generally, you’ll want to save your dice multiplier for when you’re 6-8 squares away from a spot that will get you tokens. With a pickup event, you should especially pay attention to when pickup tokens are around a Railroad, as that’ll give you maximum synergy with whatever tournament is happening.

That is everything you need to know about the new ‘Galactic Adventures’ event in Monopoly GO, as well as how you can earn some extra points while participating in it. The Galactic Adventures lasts only two days, so make sure to jump in quickly if you want to get its rewards.