Path of Exile Bleeding and Armor Guides For Beginners

You may have heard that many players in the POE will be very uncomfortable with the armor comments, and even cannot reduce the bleeding damage. It is true that physical sustained damage to the body cannot be reduced by armor,¬†We spent a lot of Poe Currency to make the equipment better. but it is not entirely true that it is “bleed” by a monster.

There are three ways to cause bloodshed in the POE.
1. The monster uses the “bleeding” attack skill
2. Golden Monster Word Drop Corrupted Blood You put 1 layer of blood on each hit of the monster (up to 20)
3. The blue monster word falls Corrupted blood group After you kill the monster, superimpose and stack 1 layer of blood (up to 20)

According to the wiki, the damage caused by “blood bleeding” is determined by the damage when hit.
Therefore, the basic damage of bloodletting will be determined by “physical damage caused by being hit”.
However, the damage that is “hit” is that it can be reduced by armor.
In other words, the initial damage is lower, so the subsequent bleeding is not so painful.

More practical examples
When you attack a monster, you can use armor water in advance to make the bleeding damage less painful.
But after you are attacked, you can only drink armor water with bloody conditions.

However, for corrupted blood and corrupted blood
Because they are directly based on the monster’s main hand physical damage
But there is no such thing as “hit” so armor can’t be injured.

A more interesting example is that physical damage reduction across the globe can directly reduce bleeding damage.
Like petrochemical water, endurance balls, they can directly reduce the continuous physical damage that has already been applied to the body.
(Note 1: Immortal roar can directly immunize any physical damage including persistence)
(Note 2: The body is 20% globally but needs to be “hit” so it is not included)

A simpler test method can use blood anger in the hiding place and match the petrified water.
There are still many related methods of injury reduction and injury reduction.
The most important thing to note is that the suicide head (40-50%) and the fragile map word drop (33%) will also increase the bleeding damage already on the body.

In summary, armor does reduce the bleeding damage from a source.
However, the syrup word can get the word of immune bleed, so in the case of bleeding damage, this piece is relatively less concerned.