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EA Quickly Launched Higuain’s Second MOTM Cards

In the season 2014-15, the first round of the European Cup 1/8 finals just ended, Napoli game against Dynamo Moscow in the opening two minutes was just to break the situation, Higuain led Napoli to 3: 1 score reversal Dynamo Moscow, Higuain swept all three goals, a hat-trick, EA also quickly launched Higuain’s second MOTM […]

Thoughts of the Changes on FIFA 15

I’m willing to give this system a bit of time as I’m happy enough with my teams/cards, but I can totally understand why people are losing their *. I’m not interested in pointing fingers over who may or may not have bought coins when people create threads losing their, because you simply don’t know. We UTfifa15coins is […]

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Updates Bring Price Ranges Feature

EA Sports has released a new update 1.05 to its FIFA 15, the simulation football title that promises to bring stability and adds new content to the game. We UTfifa15coins are selling Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Coins, if you want to buy FIFA 15 Coins, you can contact us on our site The new […]

Messi Enjoys Himself in London with Girlfriend and Friends

UTfifa15coins is a professional Fifa Coins selling site. The advantage is its lowest price and fastest delivery. You can make a comparison with other sites. Here comes the topic. Buy FIFA 15 Coins Online. Barcelona did not have the match task this week, thus Enrique gave the players a couple of days off. Neymar took advantage of […]

Transfer Price Range Caps Added in FUT 15

The “major changes” to the FIFA 15 Coins Ultimate Team transfer market eluded to in the server maintenance message earlier today have turned out to be price range caps on player sales. In a move that’s absolutely guaranteed to upset a great many people, all players (and, in fact, all items) will now have a […]

FIFA 15 Share Bayern Training Much Joy

We UTfifa15coins are selling Fifa Coins, if you want to buy FIFA 15 coins, you can contact us on our site. Recently, according to Bild, it reported that in the training before the German Cup against Brunswick, Bayern goalkeeper Neuer also plays a game that girl often plays. As we all know, the players are […]

Why They Are In the TOTW List From FIFA 15

Well, the weekly FIFA 15 Coins is out and you are now available to challenge them in FUT 15. As we do our TOTW prediction every week, this time so many players are missed. So we have some more work to do to analyze why EA turns their head to these players. Whatever, the new […]

Best FIFA 15 penalty tips

In FIFA 15 game , you are aiming at goaling to opponent’s box,just like in a football game. Then,besides a good goal shooter, you have to increase your skills. Penalty score is one of them. Increasing your penalty score rate means increasing your success in FIFA 15. Here we will share the best penalty score tips. […]

Final week of the Xbox Countdown to 2015 sale

Well,it’s final week of the Xbox Countdown to 2015 sale and a number of AAA games have been cut down to a much more attractiveprice.So go through with the deals below. Xbox One Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition – 35% off Xbox 360 The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief (episodes […]