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The Currently Implemented Skill System In Mu Legend

For Mu Legend, the currently implemented skill system in Mu Legend is an idea taken from an earlier iteration of the rune skill system of Diablo 3. In Mu Legend, you can be allowed to drop items with varying qualities that will change or enhance how a skill works. For additional information you can also […]

U4GM Is Dedicated To Sell Cheapest Mu Legend Zen

Note, Cheap Mu Legend Zen hot sale at U4GM! it’s time to buy cheap Mu Legend Zen. As we all know already, Mu Legend Zen is main currency in game, since you need Mu Legend Zen to trade to other players directly. It can play an important role in-game, by using it, you can buy […]

How To Find A Rift In Mu Legend And More Rift Details

In a lot of different games, and all possess different format as well as style, even if those games have a common goal, which is get more items and take down hordes of enemies. Like Mu Legend, how to fight back enemies and get more useful items, gamers is still working on do better, it […]

MU Legend Endless Dungeons And Main Story Quests

MU Legend has implemented both PvE-based game variants and PvP multiplayer duel modes. The latter can consist of clashes of up to two teams of up to ten people or one-on-one battles where we face other players controlled by artificial intelligence. It is worth noting that such skirmishes take place on specially prepared arenas. Gamers […]

Mu Legend PvE And PvP Content And All Classes

Mu Legend is a hack-n- slash MMO that aims to repeat the worldwide success of Mu Online. Directly from the start, Mu Legend empowers its players with an extremely action-driven as well as fast-paced gameplay experience. Unlike most current action RPG games, all classes in Mu Legend possess powerful area-of-effect skills right from the start, […]