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MU Legend: How To Work Properly During A Fight

What you expect from DL dps build with sword and shield ? Your damage is mediocre, you don’t have any except ice claw and you cannot keep aggro. First of all the only way that Holy Light and Purification only helps you is if you don’t know how to properly work the position during a […]

A Big Advantage In MU Legend Is That You Start With AOE Attacks

In MU Legend, you should be able to come with a slightly unique look to your character. MU Legend is available in the open beta, where you can participate for free. The Action RPG features Hack’N’Slay fights and MMO elements like Dungeons. Character Creation and fun let’s get the party started. More news and guides, […]

MU Legend: Webzen Will Provide More Update For The Upcoming Global OBT

In the core game mechanics, MU Legend’s gameplay experience provides for a deeper immersion, including thrilling PvP as well as exciting PvE. MU Legend is the follow-up to the incredibly successful MU Online, the one of the first most MMORPGs developed in South Korea. Webzen also announced there would be the Global Open Beta Test […]

The Open Beta Version Of MU Legend Will Open Wide And Unlimited Accounts

In MU Legend, there are different PvP modes where you can measure your skills with other players. Show your skills in duels, group battles or in guild competitions. According to previous expected, MU Legend will open wide throughout the world in 2017 to. Indeed, the Open Beta version of MU Legend will open wide, unlimited […]

Mu Legend Changes Have Also Affected The Pet System

Mu Legend will be able to win its gamers like, is indeed an entertaining game. Do not expect any unique mechanics from it, as in the same Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal, but who knows, maybe the developers will offer us something very interesting in the near future. More new details on its changes and […]

Mu Legend Inherit Many Quintessence From The Mu Online

To be exact, Mu Legend is a hybrid action role-playing game, the game inherit many quintessence from the Mu Online, like system skill, character skill, character class, wing system, enhancement equipment, mount and more. Mu Legend will continue to the story and world view of Mu Online version ahead. The game uses the third-generation Unreal […]

Mu Legend Rift Are Present On Every Map

Like most other role-playing games, Mu Legend as a role-playing games, is also quite attractive. A majority of gamers has become so familiar to Mu Legend, in Mu Legend, familiar dungeons are now called “Rift”, and these Rift are present on every map. The Rift system in the Mu Legend is quite simple, depending on […]