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Madden 18 free legends

Madden 18: Tips on Getting 25 Free Legends

Madden 18 and Madden Ultimate’s fans need to spend 3 mins to link their account with Twitch and obtain 25 legends in Madden Ultimate team. Yes you can get 25 free Twitch Legends for free and can upgrade them from 83 to 90 OVR in the whole season. Before you get them you need to […]

Giant Player Rating For Madden 18 Leaks

EA Sports has not yet released all 32 NFL team players in its latest version of Madden, but in a hacker and leaked world, there should be no real surprise, they found their way as soon as possible. EA Sports has released a team-based rating, and for the New York Giants, leading Audell Beckham Jr. […]

The First Story Mode Of Madden 18 Is A College Team

We know Longshot is the first story mode in Madden 18, It will be the protagonist of Devin Wade, a college footballer who has failed, is trying to start again, and finally succeeds again. And Madden is an very popular video game by members of the EA National Football League to show real-life teams and […]