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FFXIV The Team Is Preparing For The Launch Of The Expansion

Are you looking forward to previewing a few exclusive screenshots from the upcoming expansion. As luck would have it, as a official and reliable FFXIV Gil supplier, FFXIV4GIL will be offers more the latest screenshots, the screenshots showed off his character decked out in Samurai and Red Mage gear, hanging around some of the new […]

Square Enix Allow Everyone To Play Final Fantasy XIV For Free

The next expansion of Final Fantasy XIV is approaching. Square Enix pulished and developed Final Fantasy XIV, at the same time, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most relevant MMORPGs of its generation. FFXIV producer and director, Naoki Yoshida proposed a complete overhaul of the game while the team provided updates to improve the […]

FFXIV New Continents And Two New Character Classes

Up to now, Final Fantasy XIV, Heavensward is officially done. Followed by, with the story for Heavensward is over, Stormblood soon to be revealed, along with a lot of content. It’s said to that “Heavensward” was pretty well set-up, but, it has only 10 levels and a core set of four trials and six dungeons, […]

FFXIV Expansion Stormblood Details Were Mentioned By Yoshida

For forthcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion Stormblood, and along with a series of questions, thanks to Yoshida, he discussed about a variety of topics, including improvements to existing jobs, specifically Paladin, technical progress done thanks to the discontinuation of PS3 support, size and scope of the expansion’s story and cities and much more. First of […]

How to Farming FFXIV Gil Being in A Guide

Like any great online game, Final Fantasy XIV allows people to form alliances,called guides.These guides can work in a number of different ways that give the player the upper hand throughout the game,and farming gil is no exception. Gil is gained in a number of different ways, usually from gathering items up while dungeoneering or […]

Cheap FFXIV Gil for Hot Sale on FFXIV4GIL.COM

            Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is quite interesting MMORPG. Since it was launches over two months, the number of ffxiv arr is more than 1.5 million all over the world. FFXIV: ARR is the most successful work in Final Fantasy series. It can be said FF14: ARR is […]