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FFXIV4Gil Have Professional Teams And Also World Widely Suppliers

With the release of new Stormblood expansion, this is a more popular new expansion. When Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn launches, it had earned much more positive reviews. Final Fantasy XIV is set in the realm of Eorzea, where players take control of their customized avatars and participate in the exciting adventure. Welcome to […]

FFXIV: Great Dungeons Design And Spectacular Main Missions

Square Enix has create an epic MMORPG, with FFXIV Stormblood, players will instead choose from Role Based Actions, there are several role, caster or healer, tanks, ranged/melee DPS, and be able to equip up to five abilities at a time. Final Fantasy XIV made some changes for its Job and PvP, stay tuned FFXIV4GIL for […]

FFXIV Stormblood: There Will Have Important Features And System

Final Fantasy XIV the latest new expansion Stormblood have been posted, with one of those was the content for update 4.05. According to the last E3 2017 conference, the game company emphasized on that there will be a new looting system implemented when update 4.05 will be launched. At FFXIV4GIL, we have collected full news […]

FFXIV: Stormblood Has Surpassed 100,000 In Worldwide Sales

When Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood was launched, this rise in the number of gamers means some of the game’s servers, some gamers waiting in long queues in order to log in. Square Enix’s temporary solution allows everyone to have a fair chance to log in and play, but there will still be many players, how […]

Final Fantasy XIV Is Introducing A New Mechanic For Mounts

Stormblood is the second expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, is also the followup to Heavensward. Now, Stormblood is introducing a new mechanic for mounts and that’s the ability to dive underwater on top of being able to fly. However, the diving will only be available in Stormblood areas. Details about the game’s upcoming second expansion, […]

FFXIV The Team Is Preparing For The Launch Of The Expansion

Are you looking forward to previewing a few exclusive screenshots from the upcoming expansion. As luck would have it, as a official and reliable FFXIV Gil supplier, FFXIV4GIL will be offers more the latest screenshots, the screenshots showed off his character decked out in Samurai and Red Mage gear, hanging around some of the new […]

Square Enix Allow Everyone To Play Final Fantasy XIV For Free

The next expansion of Final Fantasy XIV is approaching. Square Enix pulished and developed Final Fantasy XIV, at the same time, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most relevant MMORPGs of its generation. FFXIV producer and director, Naoki Yoshida proposed a complete overhaul of the game while the team provided updates to improve the […]

FFXIV New Continents And Two New Character Classes

Up to now, Final Fantasy XIV, Heavensward is officially done. Followed by, with the story for Heavensward is over, Stormblood soon to be revealed, along with a lot of content. It’s said to that “Heavensward” was pretty well set-up, but, it has only 10 levels and a core set of four trials and six dungeons, […]