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Destiny DLC House of Wolves: an approach a new update!

Before the arrival of the DLC House of Wolves, Bungie must upgrade Destiny power leveling. Also, be aware that an update is approaching! Destiny – House of Wolves : les nouvelles armures ! sur Before welcoming the DLC House of Wolves, Destiny must upgrade! And to do this, what’s better than a good old […]

Destiny Share The most amazing screenshot you’ll ever see

In spite of all that Bungie promised for Destiny power leveling before launch, of how much the game encourages grinding, and of how the story is presented, I personally maintain that it’s a great game. Sure, there are plenty of things to improve on, but Bungie sure got a lot right – case in point, […]

Destiny Share How to glitch Heavy Ammo

Destiny is a game filled with shortcuts, cheeses, and glitches players discovered to ease their way through the game’s myriad of activities. This guide details one of the many ways to quickly generate Heavy Ammo – a useful tip for Strikes, Nightfalls, and Raids (especially Raids). Step 1 Empty all of your Primary and Heavy […]

Bungie Teases Next Update Before House of Wolves DLC From Destiny

The recent 1.1.1 update might still be fresh in Destiny power leveling minds, but Bungie is already moving on. They know that there are still areas that their successful shooter can improve and are actively working on ways to achieve those goals. In today’s Weekly Bungie Update, the developer wanted Destiny players to know that […]

Infinite Thrall Glitch Provides Easy Loot And Experience From Destiny

Destiny players keep finding creative ways to farm new loot for their characters. Their latest trick, dubbed the “Infinite Thrall Glitch,” is one of the easiest tricks yet. Destiny power leveling your game makes it easier. To perform the Infinite Thrall glitch, you’ll need to head to Earth. Select the early story mission “The Dark Within” and head to the […]

How to solo Weekly Heroics again from Destiny

Bungie thinks that they’re doing what their players want, but that couldn’t be further from the truth after Destiny’s last patch. The update removed the option to solo one of the games hardest recurring challenges, with tough players now having to partner up with random folk to take on Weekly Heroics. The good news is […]

Destiny yet to be released was the Fallen-focused House of Wolves

Until now, the only confirmed piece of add-on content for Destiny yet to be released was the Fallen-focused House of Wolves, the game’s second expansion. However, at Activision’s earnings call yesterday, the publisher revealed that there’s a lot more to come as we reach deeper into 2015. CEO Eric Hirshberg said: “We have a second […]

Bungie has supported Destiny with numerous content updates and patches

“It’s like when you look back at your teenage years, and you say, why did I do that?”Bungie’s online shooter Destiny won multiple awards Thursday evening at the D.I.C.E. Awards in Las Vegas, including Action Game of the Year and Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay. “We’re learning and watching and seeing and responding day-in and […]

Destiny: Reach Potential Through Microtransactions

During Activision’s earnings call yesterday, the company revealed that there are 16 million registered accounts across all platforms on Bungie’s Destiny, and those who are still around have an average play time of three hours a day. We don’t know how many active players there are, but those numbers are fairly significant regardless, and despite […]