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Tell Somethings of Updates in Archeage

Updates are short but sweet. On Saturday, March 28th, at 1PM Eastern Time, 10AM Pacific Time and 5PM UTC Time, the awesomely fun and talented CohhCarnage will be livestreaming our first Alpha video during his broadcast. If you haven’t had a chance to check him and the Cohhilition out yet, this is a great time […]

Notice: Safe ArcheAge Gold Store Online 24 Hours

Recently, third Closed Beta Event will begin at 10:00 AM PDT next Thursday, August 14 and run through Monday, August 18 at 10:00 AM PDT, started to prepare the cheapest ArcheAge Gold service and latest news. If you want to experience this amazing game in advance, you should keep eyes on our site regularly. […]

ArcheAge Breeding Guides to Get Quick Gold

In ArcheAge, breeding animals is a relative easy life skill, It can bring players with decent, long term and stable income. However, it is not so easy to begin with. Farmer’s workbench and undersea garden are necessary if you want to breed animals. Farmer’s workbench is necessary equipment for making nutrient and livestock feed, while […]

ArcheAge gold fast by gathering ore guides

In ArcheAge, I share some efficient ways to earn ArcheAge gold via gathering. Some players like to stick on PvP or do quests instead of getting involvement with crafting or gathering all day alone. Players can get quick access to their gathering while getting out of the risk of monsters that they can’t deal with. […]

Wallpaper-Archeage Beta Memorable moments

Our ArcheAge team has been playing this for some time, together we experienced the first ship, the first to build a house, the first run business, the first war …… thank my partners together to accompany me to change world!

ArcheAge: Patron Program and APEX System

ArcheAge’s Patron Program was born from the experience of taking first MMO, RIFT, to a free-to-play model. In simplest terms, the program grants access to exclusive features and expanded benefits in-game. This premium service tier, called Patron status, can be gained through a variety of methods. Before we discuss how to get it, let’s detail […]

Buy your safely ArcheAge gold

Find a seller from whom to purchase your ArcheAge gold. There are many sellers on the Internet and sometimes you will see them advertising in-game in the Trade Chat channel. Research the seller you wish to use to see if it is reliable and compare prices. Because it is against the game’s TOS to buy […]