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Albion Online Officially Launched After Two Years Of Testing

In the midst of a jungle of online gaming products, Albion Online stands out as a game that offers absolute freedom to gamers. The first trial opened in mid-2015, Albion Online quickly attracted the attention of the gaming industry and the community. With the philosophy of building a non-linear world created by gamers themselves, Albion […]

Albion Online Hector Update Version 1.0.324

Since Albion Online presented the Hector update with a huge post of the major in-game changes on June 7. Here we’ll show you some details on the improvements of Hector in addition to the “Main Innovations Of The Hector Update“. Improvements Health bars have been given a visual makeover. An energy bar is also now […]

Albion Online: PvP Is The Primary Focus Of The Game

To be certain extent, when it comes to Albion Online, in general, even if the visuals of the game are limited by the crossover compatibility, overall, gamer would expect a mobile-friendly game to be. However, with the Galahad update was launched, it brings a brand new UI and PvE mechanics. PvP is the main focus […]

View The Entire Infographic Of Albion Online

Recently, Sandbox Interactive announced the release date of Albion Online while they has released a great new infographic to show off some pretty impressive stats from the Albion Online beta. Numbers include over 210K Founders taking part in 2.8M hours of game time to name just a couple. The data was compiled since the release […]

Albion Armory: A Real All-rounder Build

In this week, the armory of Albion Online, and it revealed a real all-rounder build, a useful and precious experience was shared from Bludlust, member of Red Army and the creator of the build, wants to share his experiences with all of the Albion Online community. Bludlust elaborated: he made a decision to create her […]

Albion Is Virtually Redesigned With A User Interface

Albion Online is now available on PC, IOS, Mac as well as Android, the sandbox MMORPG will have a new interface optimized for players. Both the world map and the PVE mode have also been improved and expanded. In addition, new quests and expeditions have been added. For more informations about albion online added new […]

Albion Online: Powerful Druid Artifacts Was Launched

For Albion Online gameplay, having said that, It’s a fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive, and its studio based in Berlin, Germany. Currently, the game is in its final beta, in order to launch later this year. On top of that, it’s worth mentioning that Albion Online will require an intial purchase, keep in mind […]