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What Do You Think Of Abyss Right Now In PoE

In Path of Exile, the changes to abyss so that it has integrated has improved abyss massively as a mechanic. While it retains the objective purpose of breach, to give you a fuck-ton of shit to kill, I personally find it more interesting and engaging than breach. There’s a chance that you’ll get a cool […]

Path of Exile

PoE Suggestion For Support Gem: Melee Charge

In Path of Exile, I have a suggestion for support gem: melee charge, it’s a pretty basic suggestion so I’m just posting it in plain text, although I do not know whether other collectors of path of exile items agree with this suggestion: 1. When you target a mob which is out of range of […]

Path of Exile

Best Path Of Exile Builds For Minion Necromancer

I made a build for minion necromancer in PoE. The whole point of the build is to get kills with the bow Null’s Inclination, this will automatically cast Summon Raging Spirits, Animate Weapon, and Flesh Offering. To be certain we get the kills, we have to use the helm Speakers Wrath. To scale all these […]

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Beware Of Trade Window Scams In PoE

Path of Exile is a game centered around planning and precaution, trading is no different. If you’re not sure on how scams and price fixing work and you’re afraid of it happening to you. Today, for new collectors of poe orbs, I will tell how to prevent one of the scams: trade window scams. This […]