Monthly Archives: February 2015

Destiny yet to be released was the Fallen-focused House of Wolves

Until now, the only confirmed piece of add-on content for Destiny yet to be released was the Fallen-focused House of Wolves, the game’s second expansion. However, at Activision’s earnings call yesterday, the publisher revealed that there’s a lot more to come as we reach deeper into 2015. CEO Eric Hirshberg said: “We have a second […]

Bungie has supported Destiny with numerous content updates and patches

“It’s like when you look back at your teenage years, and you say, why did I do that?”Bungie’s online shooter Destiny won multiple awards Thursday evening at the D.I.C.E. Awards in Las Vegas, including Action Game of the Year and Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay. “We’re learning and watching and seeing and responding day-in and […]

Destiny: Reach Potential Through Microtransactions

During Activision’s earnings call yesterday, the company revealed that there are 16 million registered accounts across all platforms on Bungie’s Destiny, and those who are still around have an average play time of three hours a day. We don’t know how many active players there are, but those numbers are fairly significant regardless, and despite […]

Bungie Will Be Patching Out This Bug In An Upcoming Update

Ready to go on a raid and then all your stored Heavy ammunition that you’ve got on you glitches itself away. Bungie is finally going to address one of the single most annoying bugs in Destiny. Destiny power leveling make your game more convenient. Apart from its other technical problems and game mechanics issues, this particular […]

Destiny: New Exotic Necrochasm Isn’t Worth The Effort

The video review from Planet Destiny power leveling breaks down all of the pros and cons of the Necrochasm. On the positive side, it has the highest attack rating of the game with 339. In spite of its high rate-of-fire, it’s still accurate at medium range thanks in part of the Rangefinder upgrade. Reloads are […]

Destiny: Game-Breaking Heavy Ammo Bug Due For A Fix In February

Destiny‘s most frustrating bug is finally going to be fixed in February 2015. Going all the way back to the game’s launch, player have encountered an ongoing bug where reserve ammo mysteriously disappears. It happens after cutscenes, when you head to orbit, and every time you die. Bungie’s acknowledged the existence of the bug in […]