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Bungie Has Still Not Repaired All Destiny Raid Bugs

When I re-reviewed Destiny last week, I talked about the narrative that has emerged in this game over the past few months: Players come up with an exploit. Bungie patches it. Players find a new exploit. Yesterday, Bungie patched a number of popular exploits—or, “cheeses,” in player parlance—to Destiny’s high-level Crota’s End raid. It is […]

Destiny Updates Launch Released Patch Notes

Activity Rewards Fixed an issue with Ascendant Materials no longer being a possible reward for Daily gold-tier public events In addition to other potential rewards, Weekly Nightfall Strikes can now award 9 or more Strange Coins PVP Desyiny power leveling will provide more help. Maps Added to the rotation for Control, Clash, and Iron Banner* playlists: […]

Destiny Players You Won’t Be Able To Use The LAN Trick On Crota Anymore

Bungie is finally fixing the Crota cheese—and implementing a bunch of other fixes and tweaks—in an update that they say will go live next week. In addition to the LAN fix, Bungie says they’re fixing many of the other popular Crota’s End cheeses, like the one that gets you through the maze via exploding lantern, […]

Crucible PSA Tells You And Never Let Go Of ‘Destiny’ Match

Destiny’s PvP can be pretty tough, but this terrific account of a comeback shows just how worthwhile it can be to stick with it. Destiny, like all PvP games, suffers from occasional rage quitters and those who throw in the towel when they get too far behind. Destiny power leveling have more information for you. The […]

Destiny 2: A Few Important Things You Need To Fix

Most Infuriating Loot System” probably wasn’t a planned achievement; “Most Limited Endgame” is none too appealing either. Have difficulty finding destiny power leveling. For all its promise, due to a nasty mix of poor management and general underdevelopment, Destiny has fallen flat at nearly every opportunity. And the game’s raft of reactionary patches, while undeniably necessary, have […]

Destiny: Vault Of Glass Walkthrough

The Vault of Glass is intimidating, then, but if you’ve managed to drag your character level into the high 20s – ideally 28 or 29 – then you are more than capable of beating it. Your biggest impediment to doing so is simply putting a fireteam of six people together, because there is no matchmaking […]

FUTURE Destiny DLCs And A Planned Expansion Have Been Leaked This Week

Destiny will reportedly receive 4 DLCs. That’s according to new reports today that claim an image from a Bungie presentation shows the plan for the epic space shooter franchise in 2015. Destiny will get two new episodes and a spin-off/standalone expansion named Comet.The image shows the new DLCs alongside The Dark Below and House of […]