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U4NBA Is Known For Its High Speed Delivery Of NBA 2K MT

NBA 2K series is a basketball video game developed by 2K Sports. NBA 2K18 is now the 19th installment of the series. NBA 2K18 covers multiple consoles including Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and the XBOX One. The in-game currency prices are scaled as time goes on, so to avoid struggling in contests to get enough […]


NBA 2K17: Controversial After Dark Mode In MyPark

Before release of the After Dark mode, 2K have made lots of preparations and preheating. Both 2K official and our gamers were looking forward to this new mode. Unfortunately, after the highly anticipated After Dark mode in the game’s My Park was unleashed on Saturday, it didn’t meet expectations. In this topic, we’ll talk about […]


Albion Online: Powerful Druid Artifacts Was Launched

For Albion Online gameplay, having said that, It’s a fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive, and its studio based in Berlin, Germany. Currently, the game is in its final beta, in order to launch later this year. On top of that, it’s worth mentioning that Albion Online will require an intial purchase, keep in mind […]


Albion Online & Elaine Update: This Testing Phase Is Now Live

Two months ago, when the final beta of Albion Online was launched, regarding the first major of this testing phase is now Live, and its titled Elaine, speaking of this update, it’s major about Albion Online to the highlands, hills as well as water, even a green land full of plateaus. Elaine also (re)introduces the […]


NBA 2K17: The Way To Use 2K Pro-AM

We’ll be straight to the point and give you a nice and easy NBA 2K17 guide on how to use 2K Pro-AM. Here, we will especially guide you on how to play Pro-Am walk on with friends. Recently many NBA fans are asking the solutions to it as they are uncertain about the way to […]


Blade & Soul New Content Arrives March 23

Now, on March 23rd, another content update is scheduled to drop in the form of Silverfrost Mountains – and this one is apparently expansion-sized. The current game features three acts, which are each represented by a specific area of the world, and Silverfrost Mountain adds a fourth, essentially expanding the overall game’s size by 25%. […]


Blade and Soul: New Expansion Pack Coming!

If you thought the release of Blade & Soul was the end of the road, get ready to be pleasantly surprised. NCSoft is announcing one of the biggest new expansion packs yet, titled Silverfrost Mountains. The update will of course include access to the region aptly named Silverfrost Mountains, which is an area vastly different […]


Blade & Soul: The Idiographic Loot System

NCSoft’s Blade & Soul has a high emphasis on dungeons that are essential to complete in order to get your equipment evolution material items. This means that you will most likely be spamming some of the instances until you finally get the desired weapon or accessory.Improving your weapon also need much blade & soul gold […]